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Hydroponics Kits  

The Way of the Future From the Science of the Past

For those who enjoy fresh vegetables, herbs, flowers, and plants, yet do not have the space or time to cultivate, plant, and maintain a garden: there is hope. It is called hydroponics kits. Hydroponics kits let you grow your own vegetables and herbs in the small spaces; porches, sheds, basements, utility rooms, however they serve best right on your kitchen counter to enjoy as you cook and eat.

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These miniature gardens practically take care of themselves. These unique gardens even work in low or no sunlight areas. There is no dirty mess to deal with either. The hydroponics kits come with all that you need to begin your garden or gardens.

Basic hydroponic kits contain growing lights, pots or containers, growing media (such as peat moss or pumice), seeds, watering supplies, and instructions. The growing light takes the place of the sun and helps control the temperature of the growing atmosphere. Pots and containers, of course hold the plants and growing media. The growing media is where the roots are formed. Usually there are plant nutrients in the hydroponic kits. The nutrients are depending on the type of kit that you acquire. Seeds can either come with the kit or can be purchased separately. You can mix and match herbs and flowers, vegetables and herbs, or flowers and vegetables. The choice is endless. The “hydro” part is the water. There is a watering system in every kit. Of course there are instructions to get you started on your way to enjoying your garden.

There is nothing quite like the convenience of having fresh herbs all year round. Fresh flowers can adorn your table during the winter holidays. Fresh vegetables can be on every one of your dinner tables. Imagine the reaction when you inform you guests that you are serving them fresh vegetables in the middle of the winter. How many people do you know that have fresh tomatoes while the weather outside is frightful. Or be one of the few who stuff their holiday turkey using fresh basil, thyme, or parsley while also serving a salad with fresh lettuce, carrots, and homemade dressing with fresh garlic and onion. Serve fresh lemonade or mint julep using fresh mint on a hot summer day or spring morning.

Hydroponics kits make inside gardening easier than ever, even though this type of gardening has been around for years. Hydroponic gardens have been used from China to Mesopotamia. One of the Seven Wonders of the World is the hanging gardens of Babylonia – hydroponic gardens. You may never have a seventh wonder, however you will also never be without fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers when you have hydroponics kits.